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Programma EURAPMON - Call for grants 2013

Call Deadline
20 Feb 2013
European Commission


Il programma Eurapmon - Research and Monitoring for and with Raptors in Europe - ha lo scopo di rafforzare la collaborazione tra gli scienziati naturalisti che studiano i rapaci per mantenere la conservazione della specie e studiosi che utilizzano i rapaci per studiare i contaminanti nell’ambiente.

Il programma promuove la cooperazione tra ricercatori europei che svolgono attività di ricerca legate al monitoraggio dei rapaci.


Le borse di studio sono rivolte a ricercatori con almeno 4 anni di esperienza. Le borse finanziano la diffusione di buone partiche a livello europeo.


The following eligibility conditions apply to this exchange visit grant:

  • The grant is directed at a researcher with at least four years of qualifying research experience in monitoring with raptors and/or wild birds.
  • Preference will be given to a researcher coming from and/or going to a EURAPMON funding country.
  • Preference will be given to a researcher visiting an institution that has recognised excellence in research and monitoring with raptors.
  • The grant is for support of a stay in a country other than the country of origin.

The objectives of EURAPMON are:

  • to establish a sustainable and resource-efficient Europe-wide network for monitoring for and with raptors, linked to international networks;
  • to establish consensus on Europe-wide priorities for monitoring for and with raptors, based on comprehensive inventory of existing monitoring, and of needs of key users (policy makers, risk assessors, environmental managers);
  • to spread best practices and build capacities in Europe for harmonized monitoring for and with raptors;
  • to build a web-based database, populated with interoperable data on European raptor population trends and (contaminant and other) pressures on raptors in Europe, and to produce European- and EU- scale analytical outputs which meet priority needs of users.

The tasks for the applicants will include:

  • Definition, together with a supervisory group, of the scope of the review of good/best practice.
  • Collation of relevant papers and other information about best practice in monitoring with raptors.
  • Drafting of key scientific information and identification of key discussion issues in preparation for the workshop.
  • Preparation of draft manuscript on outcome of workshop.

Il valore della borsa ammonta a 1.600 euro al mese più le spese di viaggio fino ad un massimo di 500 euro.


This Exchange Visit Grant is offered for pulling together information and a background report on good/best practice for monitoring contaminants with raptors. This information and report will be used as preparatory materials for the “Workshop on Best Practice” (to be organised by EURAPMON) scheduled for late May 2013.

The exchange visit grant is reimbursed on the basis of an allowance of 1600 EUR per month, 400 EUR per week, 57 EUR per day plus actual travel expenses up to a maximum of 500 EUR. The grant does not cover health insurance, taxes or retirement scheme options.

Following award of the grant, and upon receipt of the acceptance form from the applicant, the ESF makes an advance payment (normally 80% of the allocated grant). The final payment will be made upon receipt and acceptance of a satisfactory scientific report, signed host statement form(s) and original travel tickets. In the case of cancellation or unreasonable delay (3 months or more), all advances must be returned to ESF. If the length of stay is shorter than the foreseen period, the grant will be adjusted accordingly and the grantee will be required to return to ESF any resulting balance.

Le domande devono essere presentate entro il 20 febbraio 2013.

Le domande saranno valutate entro il 28 febbraio 2013.

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