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Internal Security Fund 2021-2027

Jure Makovec - AFP via Getty ImagesThe Internal Security Fund 2021-2027 (ISF) intends to guarantee a common area of ​​security, freedom and justice within the European borders.



The overall objective of the Fund is to help ensure a high level of security in the Union, in particular by preventing and combating terrorism and radicalization, serious and organized crime and cybercrime, by providing assistance and protection to victims of crime, as well as preparing for security incidents, risks and crises falling within the scope of this Regulation, protecting themselves from them and managing them effectively. 

The specific objectives of the Fund are the following:

  • improve and facilitate the exchange of information between the competent authorities of the Member States, within them, and the relevant Union bodies and offices and, where appropriate, with third countries and international organizations;
  • intensify cross-border cooperation, including joint operations within and between the competent authorities of the Member States in relation to terrorism and serious crime and organized crime with a cross-border dimension; 
  • support the strengthening of Member States' capacities to prevent and combat crime, terrorism and radicalization and to manage accidents, risks and security crises, including through enhanced cooperation between public authorities, relevant Union bodies and agencies, civil society and private partners in several Member States.


The following subjects are eligible:

a) the legal entities established:

  • in a Member State or an overseas country or territory connected to it;
  • in a Third Country listed in the work program;

b) legal entities established under Union law or international organizations relevant for the purposes of the Fund.

Legal entities established in a third country participate in a consortium consisting of at least two independent entities, of which at least one is established in a Member State. Natural persons are not eligible for Union funding.

Eligible actions

As part of its objectives, the Security Fund can support the following types of actions: 

  • introduction, adaptation and maintenance of ICT systems contributing to the achievement of the objectives of this Regulation, training in the use of such systems, testing and improvement of the interoperability and data quality components of such systems;
  • monitoring the implementation of Union law and Union strategic objectives in the Member States in the area of ​​information systems relevant to security, including data protection, privacy and data security;
  • operational actions of the EU / EMPACT policy cycle;
  • supporting an effective and coordinated response to crises aimed at linking existing sectoral capacities, expertise and situation centres, including in the fields of health, civil protection, terrorism and cybercrime;
  • actions aimed at developing innovative methods or using new technologies with the potential for transferability to other Member States, in particular, projects aimed at verifying and validating the results of Union-funded research projects in the field of security;
  • improving resilience to emerging threats, including illicit trafficking via online channels, hybrid threats, malicious use of unmanned aerial systems and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats;
  • providing support to thematic or inter-thematic networks of specialized national units and national contact points aimed at improving mutual trust, the exchange and dissemination of know-how, information, experience and best practices and the pooling of resources and expertise in centers municipalities of excellence;
  • education and training of staff and experts of relevant law enforcement and judicial authorities and administrative agencies, taking into account operational needs and risk analysis and in cooperation with CEPOL and, where appropriate, the European Judicial Training Network, also with regard to prevention policies with particular attention to fundamental rights and non-discrimination;
  • cooperation with the private sector, for example in the fight against cybercrime, in order to build trust and improve coordination, contingency planning and the exchange and dissemination of information and best practices between public and private actors, including in the area of ​​the protection of public spaces and critical infrastructures;
  • actions that enable communities to develop local prevention approaches and policies, and awareness-raising and communication activities between stakeholders and the general public on Union security policies; financing of equipment, means of transport, communication systems and security facilities;
  • financing of costs relating to staff participating in actions financed by the Fund or actions requiring the participation of staff for technical or safety reasons.

Grants and forms of financing

Union actions can grant funding in all forms provided for in the Financial Regulation, in particular grants, prizes and procurement.

They may also grant financing in the form of financial instruments in the context of blending operations.


The total budget for the implementation of the Fund for the period from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2027 is set at EUR 1 931 000 000


Internal Security Fund




25 Oct 2022
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€ 1 931 000 000
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