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Somalia - ICT experts for telecommunication project

Bando per esperti in ICTA selection is open to employ a telecommunication expert to provide technical assistance to the future National Communications Authority of Somalia. Expressions of Interest should be submitted within May 12, 2018.

Blockchain - from bitcoin to developing Countries

Blockchain If it's true that blockchain has the potential to transform the development sector, what are the conditions that will be required for this technology to scale up? It's to answer that question that World Bank recently launched a blockchain lab.

Cambodia - work contract for water supply

Bando per servizi idriciThe contract includes activities such as plant design, installation and support for the supply of water and sanitation in Cambodia. Applications for prequalification should be submitted before 26 April 2018.

EU-China Partnership - notice for service contract

Digitising European Industry - stronger cooperation for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 - Photo on Foter.comThree associations signed bilateral declarations in Paris at the Digitising European Industry Stakeholder Forum 2018 to align their activities, roadmaps and outcomes.

Will artificial intelligence take work away from politicians too?

EU-China Partnership - notice for service contract

Eu-China Partnership - Author DaderotThe contract aims at supporting the EU-China bilateral dialogues and partnerships. The contractor will be responsible for organization of events, provision of specialised expertise, preparation of sector studies, translation and interpretation services, administration and project management. 

ADB - Study on Indonesian labor market and growth perspectives

TEN-T Days 2018 - European Commission to host marketplace for start-ups

TEN-T Days 2018During the TEN-T Days 2018 in April in Ljubljana the European Commission will provide a marketplace for mobility projects where start-ups can network and pitch their projects.

EIB - new financing for energy, SME and transport

Culture Action Europe - MFF, more support for the cultural sector

EU CultureCulture Action Europe launched a campaign in order to increase the EU budget for the cultural sector.

EU - consultation on the review of the SME definition

Blockchain - EU Observatory and Forum to promote new technology

Osservatorio UE su BlockchainEU Blockchain Observatory and Forum is aimed at increasing key developments of this technology, promoting EU actors and reinforcing European engagement with all stakeholders.

A blockchain to better spend EU funds after 2020

ADB - Study on Indonesian labor market and growth perspectives

Indonesia - Photo credit: Mr.TinDC on Foter.com / CC BY-NDAsian Development Bank’s study "Indonesia: Enhancing Productivity through Quality Jobs" focuses on the Southeast Asian Country’s most pressing labor market challenges and policy options to achieve higher and more inclusive economic growth.

Vietnam - consultancy services in agri-business sector

Will artificial intelligence take work away from politicians too?

20180216 150338Work has always been central in economic science and in the third millennium, with robots and artificial intelligence that progress every day at speeds considered improbable until a few years ago, the topic is even more relevant.

The recent annual convention of YEPP - Youth of the European People's Party, an organization that represents the youth movements of 58 center-right parties in 39 European countries, got an opportunity to discuss about the future of jobs.

Industry - construction sector is ready to embrace digitisation

Construction industry As part of the European Industry Day, four organisations of major industries got together on the topic of construction strategy at the highest political level and invited their respective members and other partners to attend a digital construction seminar on in Brussels. 

EIB - new financing for energy, SME and transport