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Horizon 2020 – Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) Pilot, first round results


The European Commission has selected 16 projects for the first round of the Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) scheme

The European Commission has awarded 36 million euros and each project will receive up to 3 million euros.

The projects have been selected under the first cut-off date (29 April 2015) of the Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) Pilot, launched in January by the European Commission. The FTI pilot action has a bottom-up approach and promotes any innovation activities close-to-the-market, from project demonstration to commercialization.

The projects concern different areas, from wind energy to human health:

  1. BeLeadFree (2,96 million euros),
  2. Biowave (1,36 million euros),
  3. Carim (1,93 million euros),
  4. Disrupt (2,92 million euros),
  5. eSHaRk (2,4 million euros),
  6. Eva (1,89 million euros),
  7. GEM in-wheel (1,99 million euros),
  8. Intui-View (2,36 million euros),
  9. Licorne (2,1 million euros),
  10. Reach (2,67 million euros),
  11. Remosis (1,19 million euros),
  12. ReTAPP (2,33 million euros),
  13. RichWater (1,65 million euros),
  14. SafeAST (2,2 million euros),
  15. ShaleSafe (2,62 million euros),
  16. Smartherm (2,94 million euros).

The projects involve partners from 19 countries. Germany has the highest number of partners (13), followed by France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom with nine each, Italy and Spain with four each.

Selected projects

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