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COSME - Cluster go international

Cosme ClusterThe call for proposals Cluster go international is open.

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The main objective of the action, finance by COSME the Europe’s programme for small and medium-sized enterprises, is to intensify cluster and business network collaboration across European countries and also across sectorial boundaries and to support the establishment of European Strategic Cluster Partnerships to lead international cluster cooperation in fields of strategic interest towards third countries beyond Europe and notably in support of the development of emerging industries. By reinforcing cluster and business network cooperation and supporting the shaping of European Strategic Cluster Partnerships-Going International (ESCP-4i) (i.e. European meta-clusters) in a more strategic manner at European level, this action will help European SMEs access new global value chains and take a leading position globally.

This action focuses on the promotion of cluster internationalisation where interested consortia have the opportunity to develop and implement a joint internationalisation strategy and support SME internationalisation towards third countries beyond Europe. The action will be implemented by consortia of organisations that are interested in establishing and running a 'European Strategic Cluster Partnership-Going International' (ESCP-4i). The Partnerships are expected to develop a joint ‘European’ strategic vision with a global perspective and common goals towards specific third markets.

The present call for proposals is targeting actions for two phases, divided in three Strands. Applicant consortia can submit proposals for one Strand only and applicant organisations can be part of maximum one consortium per Phase.

Preparatory phase

  • Strand 1.a will support the establishment of European Strategic Cluster Partnership – Going International (ESCP-4i) open to a wide range of European industrial sectors and value chains, except the one targeted in Strand 1.b.
  • Strand 1.b will support the establishment of European Strategic Cluster Partnership – Going International (ESCP-4i) specifically for clusters involved in earth observation (EO) applications.

Applicants under Strand 1.b are encouraged to build on the crosssectorial dimension of the EO downstream market and on the diversity of application domains, in particular by involving different clusters and business network organisations engaged in the EO value-chain.

Implementation phase ˗ Strand 2 will support the initial implementation, testing and further development of European Strategic Cluster Partnerships - Going International (ESCP-4i) including those labelled "ESCP-4i" through the previous 'Cluster Go International' call COS-Cluster-2014- 3-03 (except those already funded under the Strand 2 of the 2014 call for proposals pursuing the same or related objectives) and similar existing pan-European alliances of cluster and business network organisations complying with the characteristics of an ESCP-4i.

The grant is limited to a maximum reimbursement rate of 75% of eligible costs.

The call is open until May 23, 17:00 Brussels time.

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