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Connecting Europe Facility - Telecom, second call for 2017

Computer with landscapeThe European Commission launched the second Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom call for 2017.

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The call makes 25,5 million of euros available to stimulate and support the deployment of European Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs).

Interested applicants from all EU Member States, as well as Iceland and Norway, may submit proposals in the areas of Cyber Security, eDelivery, eHealth and eProcurement. The deadline for submission is 21 September 2017.

CEF Telecom funding includes support to projects of common interest that will contribute to increasing interoperability, connectivity and deployment of trans-European digital infrastructures. It will also support the flow of public and private investment towards mature solutions, improving the daily lives of citizens, businesses and public administrations and contributing to the development of a Digital Single Market.

This call is the second one under the 2017 CEF Telecom Work Programme. In 2017, CEF Telecom will provide up to a total of 77 million of euros in funding through grants for European Digital Service Infrastructures.

Interested applicants are invited to submit proposals at the latest by 21 September 2017, for actions supporting the deployment of the four following European DSIs with an indicative maximum budget as noted:

  • Cyber Security to create, maintain or expand national capacities to run a range of cyber security services in order to reach a state of preparedness that allows national and/or governmental (n/g) Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs)/Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) in all Member States to participate on an equal footing in the Cyber Security Core Service Platform - cooperation mechanisms - 12 million of euros
  • eDelivery to promote the uptake and speed up the use of the eDelivery technical specifications amongst both public and private entities, allowing for secured, traceable, cross-border transmission of electronic documents - 0.5 million of euros
  • eHealth to improve access to care and quality of care using information and communication technologies (ICTs) - 9 million of euros
  • eProcurement to reduce red tape and administrative burdens and create new business opportunities- 4 million of euros

A Virtual Info Day on the call, including more information on each DSI area and the application process, will take place on 16 May 2017.

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