Expo - Bangladesh Pavilion, remarkable achievements of the country

Agriculture in Bangladesh - Author Balaram Mahalder

"Rice is the synonym for food in Bangladesh and has been the traditional source of carbohydrates and proteins since the prehistoric days", says Mr. Hedayetullah Al Mamoon, Commissioner General of Section of Bangladesh at the Expo Milano 2015, to Tribuna Economica.

Bangladesh chose to be in the Rice Cluster group at Expo 2015. Rice is the synonym for food in Bangladesh and has been the traditional source of carbohydrates and proteins since the prehistoric days. Seventy five percent of necessary calories and sixty six percent of proteins are met from rice in an average daily diet. Rice accounts for about 92% of the total grain production and is the main source of energy for Bangladeshis.

The rice-growing environments in Bangladesh are very diverse, varying from the drought-prone high lands in the north-west through the flood-affected central region to the coastal saline zone in the south. This diversity is indicated by the thirty major agro-ecological zones (AEZ) into which the country has been divided on the basis of land, soil, hydrology and climate.

To ensure an adequate supply of food and for sustainable food security, challenging tasks of rice research are going on to develop of new high yielding varieties and improved production technologies for the diverse ecosystems existing in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) is a major component of the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) of Bangladesh. The research area of BRRI includes: varietal development, crop-soil-water management, pest management, farming systems, farm mechanization and post-harvest technology, socioeconomic and policy, and technology transfer. Rice production has increased more than three times over the last four decades and Bangladesh has indeed now become a rice exporter. BRRI takes pride in the fact that Bangladesh, a country of persistent rice deficiency, has now attained self- sufficiency. We would kindly invite those interested in having more information about BRRI to consult the website www.brri.gov.bd.

Expo Milano 2015 is a unique opportunity for Bangladesh to enhance its visibility as a rice producing nation and also as a nation to visit. Besides, as a participant, Bangladesh will be able to identify business contacts with the prospect of entering into subsequent business negotiations with other EXPO participating countries. Completely coinciding with the EXPO theme- ‘Feeding the planet, energy for life’, as a rice cluster participant, Bangladesh hopes to establish linkage with private sectors like seed producing industries, rice bran oil producing industries, international donor agencies for the improvement and production of rice to bring food security and energy from food. It also aims at future exchanges with other countries in the field of rice germ plasm exchange and rice research. Bangladesh pavilion will share the remarkable achievements of its country and its agricultural varieties not only to the interested visitors, but also to the interested experts in this field.

We would like indeed to call attention to the fact that Bangladesh, with its beautiful history and culture, is celebrating its Expo National Day on 20th September evening at Expo Auditorium with a Folk Cultural Troupe arriving directly from Bangladesh. On the very next day, 21st September, Bangladesh is engaged with the Business Forum together with PROMOS which will take place at Milan Chamber of Commerce.

Article by Tribuna Economica