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Innovazione e networking nei fondi UE 2014-2020


24 Ottobre 2014 09:00


Innovazione e networking nei fondi UE 2014-2020


Innovazione e networking nei fondi UE 2014-2020

24 - 25 ottobre 2014 | ore 9:00–18:00 | Via Boezio 6, Roma

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It is widely recognised that SMEs are the backbone of economic growth, contributing with notable flexibility and new ideas which are crucial to the promotion of employment. In many countries micro-enterprises are the driving force for economic development, with a significant contribution to national GDP. Small and medium enterprises play an active role in all main industry sectors and are vital for national innovation eco-systems to remain competitive on an international scale in a globalized world. As SMEs are by nature very heterogeneous, there is no single good-practice approach to follow for SME support intermediaries to make sure companies reach their goals and meet the changing market demands. This makes knowledge of innovation management techniques a crucial issue for SME support intermediaries that assist or plan to assist SMEs in the field of innovation and technology transfer to enable SMEs to remain competitive in the changing innovation game. The constant requirement to innovate to be able to meet the new market demands is a huge challenge for SMEs in all sectors. Companies in the knowledge intensive sector face even more barriers and risks as they often have to constantly adapt to the shortening life-cycles of their products and services and finding financial means to overcome this critical situation is not easy. Policy makers and role players in academia have understood the necessity to collaborate with industry – especially with SMEs – to enhance capacity to improve knowledge transfer to SMEs. New managerial skills taking product, service, process and social innovation into consideration have become critical to overcome the challenges faced by SMEs in a difficult period of global financial crises.

Training objectives and expected benefits

This training workshop allows participants to improve their knowledge on advising innovation players, especially SMEs. As a key benefit, participants will gain insights from good practice approaches developed in the European Member States on an innovative consulting procedure to assist SMEs and other relevant players function within the innovation eco-system. A strong policy dialogue on innovation matters within the country might be an additional outcome of this training.

Target audience

The training is aimed at SME support intermediaries such as government SME support agencies, business incubators, business developers and project managers, small business membership organisations and associations, private consultants and others involved in SME promotion.

Time Table

2 days full time – Class max 30 seats

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Modulo di iscrizione

Training programme

Day One

- Introduction and interactive icebreaker
- Approaches to stimulate innovation capabilities in SMEs to strengthen their competitiveness
- The open and closed innovation model: benefit and risk analysis and best practices for SMEs
- Policy instruments to overcome SME innovation barriers
- Innovation management: different models to stimulate change and sustainable growth
- How to measure innovation management? Pre-requisites for an in-depth “innovation-scan”
- Fundamental consulting skills for intermediaries assisting SMEs

- Innovation management and venture capital: knowing what to look for

Day two

- Assessment tools for innovation management consultants and intermediaries
- Group work – Simulation of an innovation management assessment with a company
- Group work – Evaluation of innovation management assessment with a benchmarking report, with special emphasis on consulting skills
- Showcase of a good practice approach
- Impact assessment and plenary discussion
- Q&A session and conclusions.

Training aid

Documents arranged by presenter and selection of specifics material, research and information about incentives and programmes available in the usb key.
Free access (Start subscription) for three months to FASI.biz grants database

Course leader

Andrea Gallo - publisher of FASI.biz EU Media Srl, advisor on tax and financial matters, certified public accountant, company auditor, trustee in bankruptcy appointed by banks and Courts, assessing the structure of different types of companies, as well as he takes care of tax and financial aspects of their activities. Administrator of bankruptcy procedures and liquidation of real estate companies, expert at the Civil and Penal Court of Rome. Since 1998, Studio Gallo consulting firm has evaluated/audited for banks and financial companies more than 1.200 investment projects co-financed by Italian and European grants. Author of papers on matters of business administration and SME financial aid, he has worked as assistant to the chief financial officer of CONSAP Spa.


Christin Pfeiffer - Secretary General of the International Network from Small & Medium Enterprises, based in Rome, Italy. Prior to joining INSME in January 2012, Christin worked as a Consultant at APRE – Agency for the Promotion of European Research in the role of National Contact Point for international cooperation. She was directly involved in different FP7 projects and assisted SMEs in submitting research proposals to the Framework Programme as an expert for the specific programme “Research for the benefit of SMEs”. She managed a project on innovation management for SMEs as well as projects with China and South Africa to enhance scientific collaboration with Europe. Christin is particularly involved in training and transferring of knowledge on a national and international scale with a special focus on project writing and managing and innovation and technology transfer. Prior to APRE, she worked at DaimlerChrysler Italia (External Affairs and Public Policy) and as a Researcher for the Italian Government Institute for Industrial Promotion in the field of International Cooperation (projects on access to micro-finance and knowledge transfer). She graduated in Law, Economics and Italian Philology, (M.A.) and European Studies (M.E.S.). The International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (INSME) is a nonprofit Association open to international membership. Its mission is to stimulate transnational cooperation and public and private partnership in the field of innovation and technology transfer to SMEs.

Entrance fee

The entrance fee include: training participation, material in the usb key, n. 4 coffee break, certificate of attendance, free access (Start subscription) for three months to our grants database on FASI.biz, n.1 voucher to use for free a PickCenter's meeting room for two hours (www.pickcenter.it).

The application form has to be sent duly filled and full payment receipt has to be attached.

□ € 590 + VAT (Total amount: € 719,80 VAT included )

For more information please send an email to Valentina De Somma, v.desomma@fasi.biz

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